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Good Times: 'Elliman Opening Its Can of Whoop-Ass in Brooklyn'

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Oh, the times they are changing. "Elliman Opening its Can of Whoop-Ass in Brooklyn" is a subject that comes not from a tipster email but from Prudential Douglas Elliman itself. Uh huh. And we have to say, friends, that it worked as an attention getting trick. It's promoting a property at 306 Washington Avenue in Clinton Hill that's on the market for $1.9 million, which works out to $406 per square foot. And, Elliman provides a handy comparison to chart to comparable properties going for up to $1,376 a square foot.

Per the Whoop-Ass Email:

The Brooklyn Townhouse market is stagnant, so The Barak/Blackburn Group has made a bold move to leave the competition in the dust and get those doggone buyers off their behinds. Here are the stats on the eight comparable townhouses in the Ft. Greene and Clinton Hill neighborhoods, per the REBNY database. Let’s see if your jaded readers think that $460 per sq ft for an income generating property is ridiculous. A ridiculously great deal we say!!Talk about working hard to turn chicken shit into chicken salad. And, in the meantime, keep that freakin' Whoop-Ass coming.

· 306 Washington Avenue [Prudential Douglas Elliman]