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On the Racked: Mondo Depresso Over Kims, Lohan Frenzy, McCain's Crappy Suit, More

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[Images via VNY]

1) East Village: Depressing news to those that hope and pray that something of "old, weird New York" will survive outside of photo books. Mondo Kims has hung up a sign announcing a 40% off moving out sale. Per Racked: "The store is also dotted with flyers looking for a sponsor to adopt Kim's collection of 55,000 videos and make then available to Kim's customers, because (this is the scariest part) they won't be doing rental anymore." Word that comes to mind starts with "f."

2) UES: It's Linsday Lohan fashion frenzy at Henri Bendel. Yup.

3) Bushwick: Guess what? Shopping at one of the nabe groceries is cheaper than shopping at Trader Joe's. Who would have thunk it?

4) Everywhere: Did John McCain actually wear an off-the-rack suit for the last debate? What the heck will he wear tomorrow? Will he still have big sleeves that make him look like David Byrne in Stop Making Sense?