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Mid-Afternoon Massacre: James Frey's Half a Million Little PriceChops

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The Chopper slept in today, but our daily look at some of the most severe recent slashes in the run-up to Halloween (and in the wake of market madness) continues with a trip to the wilderness of Hudson Square.

Was: $5,000,000
Now: $4,500,000
You Save!: $500,000

The blood is still fresh on this one, friends. Oprah's least favorite author, James Frey, scooped up a 3BR pad in the then-new 505 Greenwich Street in 2005 for a cool $2.55 million. This past March, he added the 1BR apartment next door to his place for $985,000, assembling the largest unit (heh.) in the West Soho building in the process. On October 1st, the whole 2,900-square-foot shebang was listed through Corcoran for $5 million, but a fabulist can never keep his story straight, so just one week later the price was reduced to the new tally of $4.5M. The listing says "Move right in," so it appears the combination work has already been done, though, this being Frey and all, we can't be sure.
· Listing: 505 Greenwich Street [Corcoran]

505 Greenwich Street

505 Greenwich Street, New York, NY