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Heartwarming Story: Elite Slope School Wants to Evict Old Lady

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How one feels about this story depends on how one feels about a senior citizen living in a rent-controlled apartment versus the most elite school in Park Slope. In other words, one either thinks she deserves to get screwed because, like it or not, that's life and she's got to go or that it's the administrators of the Berkeley Carroll School that deserve pit bull jaws seriously attached to their rear ends for shafting a 66-year-old woman with two dead kids buried in Green-Wood Cemetery. Per the Daily News, Ella Taliercio has lived her 2BR apartment for 50 years and raised three children there. She moved into the place in 1958 for $33 a month and it had no running hot water. The Berkeley Carroll School owns her rent-controlled home so it can make it part of a multimillion-dollar classroom expansion. She says: "It's my home...It's like closing a box, it's like a death. How do you just go on?" Berkeley Carroll charges up to $29K a year tuition. When it bought the building in the 80s, it offered her $50,000 to move. Her rent was $147.08 a month. She refused. She and her husband are now the only two tenants in the building. Two years ago, the school offered $20,000 if she'd go. The rent is still $147.08. The law allows rent controlled tenants to be evicted by nonprofits. Another day, another warm and fuzzy Park Slope story.
· Eviction threat after 50 years in Park Slope is 'like a death' [NYDN]