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Here's the (Maybe Possible) Queens Vegas 'Racino' at Aqueduct

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Yesterday brought news that one of the three outlandish ambitious proposals to turn Aqueduct Racetrack into a mini-Vegas had been selected. Today, we have a rendering of what it might look like. (If it ever happens, which is not something to put a lot of money on at OTB if it was taking bets on it.) The Vegas-style slot machine parlor would be a 330,000-square-foot "racino" with 4,500 video slot machines developed by Delaware North of Buffalo. You want food with your gambling high? They'd have a 25,000-square-foot buffet with seating for 600 people. Want red meat, linguini and/or General Tso's Chicken while you put quarters into those suckers? There would also be a steakhouse and Italian and Asian restaurants. The plan is to draw 20,000 people a day to eastern Queens and generate $1 million a day in revenue for the state. And, what would it be without a bar and entertainment venue? We've got those too. The developer says it'll also build a "world-class, four-star conference center and hotel facility." Secret sources in the World of Trump say that The Donald's hair flattened out at the news.
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