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CurbedWire: Stairway to Nowhere Changing Tourist Lives Tomorrow, 110 Livingston Halfway to Culture

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TIMES SQUARE?Yes, the Stairway to Nowhere, aka the TKTS booth in Father Duffy Square is really going to open. Honest. It's right there in a press release from the Times Square Alliance and we know that press releases never lie. Ever. We've got the Mayor, the City Council Speaker, Bishop Dennis Sullivan and Bernadette Peters. There's a countdown and confetti-toss at 12:30 and the TKTS booth opens at 3PM. The Stairway to Nowhere will be lit at 6:30PM with Broadway entertainment including Brian Stokes Mitchell, John Leguizamo, Sutton Foster and Julie Halston. Actually, it's an "Inaugural Lighting Ceremony to illuminate the magnificent red glass staircase under which the TKTS booth sits." And, then, they're singing (prepare for the shock of a lifetime) "Give My Regards To Broadway." [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?Is the cultural glass at our dear old friend 110 Livingston half empty or half full? Well, the Issue Project Room (formerly housed on the banks of the bucolic Gowanus Canal and now in the nearby Old American Can Factory building) is trying to move into 5,000 square feet of theater space in one of David Walentas' master projects. They say they've raised half the money. So, doing the math, that would make it $1 million down and $1 million to go before culture can come to both the condo owners and the nondo renters at 110. We're pulling for you, kids. [CurbedWire Inbox]

110 Livingston

110 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201