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When the Going Gets Tough...City Life Gets Really Weird

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Yes, the image above is a Photoshop job. The concept behind it, however, is frighteningly real. The city is now considering putting ads on its buildings and vehicles. You know, like on sanitation trucks. We've already got the subway car thing. Per amNY, "the idea is seen by some as a creative way to help fill huge city deficits." And so, here comes the possibility of ads hanging fromm city buildings, inside subway tunnels and on trucks and things. Some people think that people might get peeved. Vanessa Gruen of the Municipal Art Society says: "It seems to make sense that there would be a saturation point. Once it spills out to residential areas ?people object to having it in the neighborhood." Okay, so maybe D&G is a stretch on a garbage truck and it's definitely not a vehicle for Chanel (hmmm....), but an ad exec says "There are some advertisers who would not be concerned with the association with garbage --think about if you're a disinfecting household product." Friends, we're talking about a possible $5 billion deficit in the future, so anything is possible.
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