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Morning Massacre: Millions Murdered Near the Met

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Our daily look at some of the most severe recent PriceChoppers in the run-up to Halloween (and in the wake of market madness) continues with a trip to the not-so-insulated Upper East Side.

Was: $40,000,000
Now: $35,000,000
You Save!: $5,000,000

The 25-foot-wide townhouse at 11 East 82 Street, built in 1895, has had a colorful recent history. Ron Perelman bought it back in '96 for one of his employees (Curbed bosses?you reading?), and it was once visited by notorious "phony big spender" Xi-Xi. Perelman paid $10 million for the six-floor mansion, so even though the price tag is slightly higher nowadays, the oft-cited "unaffordable housing" shortage should lead to a quick sale, no? No. After eight months on the market, the price was slashed yesterday by a whopping five million bucks. Sotheby's superbroker Roger Erickson has the listing, and it boasts "grand scaled rooms, soaring 14' high ceilings, 5 working fireplaces, handsome hardwood floors, lovely architectural details, and all the modern amenities essential to elegant entertaining and gracious living." Mwahaha! Sorry, this is the Morning Massacre, so we needed to end it with a hint of evil and "elegant entertaining and gracious living" wasn't quite cutting it.
· Listing: 11 East 82nd Street [Sotheby's]