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What Market Meltdown? $33M Meier Triplex In Contract

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Those looking for a vote of confidence in the luxury market in the midst of Plaza lawsuits and 15 Central Park West PriceChoppers, look no further: Rich guy Bill Joy's 11,000-square-foot apartment on the eighth through tenth floors of starchitect Richard Meier's 176 Perry Street has, per StreetEasy, gone into contract today. The asking price was $33 million, following a $7 million price cut in April. Joy spent $17.57 million on the place five years ago, then hired Meier himself to design the interior. Who is the buyer? Did he/she pay the full ask? What's it like to pony up $33,000 monthly in maintenance and taxes? All questions for another day. For now, we celebrate this momentous occasion by making a return trip inside this glorious apartment via the gallery above. Drool.
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176 Perry Street

176 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014