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More Fun with the Old Park Slope: Everybody's on Facebook

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As if Park Slope isn't a small enough place in some sense, there is now the Facebook issue. It's a Thirty Something and Grew Up in Park Slope group that has 500 members who grew up in the Slope. Per today's Times:

For current Park Slopers, for anyone fascinated by recent urban history, the site captures the same unusual experience of childhood that animates 'The Squid and the Whale,' the heartbreaking divorce drama by the former Park Sloper Noah Baumbach that portrays bohemian Brooklyn.If anything, it shows that, at one point, the Slope was actually a way more interesting place than the affluent spawning hell great place to raise a family that it has become. For instance, the toy store that had the poster that said you had to "bring a note from your parents to get the airplane glue ’cause they ain’t sellin’ to no huffers!" (By the way, the kid on the left in the picture is someone known as Jake Dobkin.) Oh, Park Slope, what happened to you?
· Thanks to Facebook, Your Childhood in Park Slope in the ’80s Never Has to End [NYT]