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Development Du Jour: Chelsea Enclave

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Location: 177 Ninth Avenue btwn 20th/21st Streets
Size: Seven floors, 53 one- to four-bedroom units
Prices: $1.4 million to $6.2 million, so far
Architect: Polshek Partnership
Developer: Brodsky Organization
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran Sunshine

And so, one of Chelsea's most bitter battles has come to this?the day the luxury condop building on the grounds of the neighborhood's historic Seminary officially kicks off its sales and marketing. We've had a look at the Chelsea Enclave before, and we'll share more about construction progress and building finishes later on today, but we wanted to get the look of the building out there for all to see. Many new developments boast gardens and landscaped areas, but how many can claim a park that's over a century old? "The Close," the General Theological Seminary's central garden, will continue to be open to the public, but it will also serve as the Chelsea Enclave's backyard (and view, for some lucky buyers).

Nine penthouses will all have private outdoor space, and thanks to the massive footprint of the low-rise building, Chelsea Enclave will have one of the biggest landscaped roof decks in town (open to all residents), complete with grill, fireplace and dining area. Other building amenities include 24-hour concierge, on-site parking, children's play room and a fitness center/yoga studio. In addition to a windfall of cash, the Seminary gets a new library on the building's garden-facing first floor, while the Ninth Avenue side will have the building lobby and retail galore. Chelsea may be over-developed to hell (sorry, religious dudes!), but this is a far cry from the ultra-modern look-at-me towers rising along the nearby High Line. It's just a little more...quiet (the decision not to include a rendering showing Ninth Avenue probably helps). Still, it's luxury all the way. They're even using the same wood floors as in 40 Bond! But in this current climate, will it take a miracle to get those prices?

Chelsea Enclave

177 9th Avenue, New York, NY