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Party Over: Pierre's $70M Penthouse Listing Disappears

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Four years after it hit the market and became the biggest symbol of Manhattan's new real estate boom?and one day after that boom was pronounced dead?financier Martin Zwieg's $70 million triplex penthouse at the Pierre has vanished from the Brown Harris Stevens website. Braden Keil confirms that Zwieg has taken the 16-room spread, at Fifth Avenue and 61st Street, off the market. When it was first listed in 2004, the apartment was the most expensive in New York by a large margin. It had since been surpassed by a pair of apartments at 15 Central Park West, but the $70M Pierre listing?with its $39,000 monthly maintenance bill?was always just a bit more insane. Along the way, we've had a peek or two inside, dealt with rumors of a sale and even experienced one bitter break-up. But through it all, the $70 million penthouse remained, like a gentle shoulder to lean on. Godspeed, Pierre, we'll miss you.
· Au revoir, Pierre [NYP/Gimme Shelter]

The Pierre – A Taj Hotel

2 E 61st St, New York, NY 10065