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Burg's 'New Domino' Has Open House Touts Free Bus Service

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[Photo courtesy of Nathan Kensinger Photography]

The New Domino let people into the old Domino Sugar Factory with the idea being to sell people on the buying condos in a project that may or may not happen.* (*Wall Street Melt down depending.) A whole lot of people showed up to get a look a plans for the Domino redo, which would ultimately involve 2,200 units of housing.* (*Real estate crash & burn depending.) The groundbreaking is supposed to be next year, assuming the developers get approval from the city for the massive project. For an actual look inside the old plant, click here. Anyway, they handed out cotton candy, donuts and cocoa. Also, they promised tenants that they're going to run a shuttle for residents so people can get to the Bedford L stop and watch the train bypass the station because it's so crowded. Funny, they didn't appear to be pushing Water Taxi service. Uh, Wonder why? You know, there's always a Santiago Calatrava sky gondola solution to this mess.
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New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY