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The Catch: Location, Location, Location in the Burg

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The Catch, in which we present everything-looks-good-except listings, needs you! Send your nominees to and we'll consider them for public shaming.

What/Where: A $550/month room that's available on November 1 and is at the center of the hipster universe: Bedford Avenue & N. 7 Street.
Looks Good, Right?'s that line about a picture being worth a thousand words? No, that's not a Photoshop job. It's a motherfreaking bed and a dresser in a mid-sized bathroom. All right, we're summarizing and editorializing. Here's what the Craiglist ad says: "Room is approx. 10x8 (no windows). Room has private bathroom. There is no separation between bathroom and bedroom. Room is in basement. Private, no roommates. No kitchen access but you do have a mini fridge and microwave. Utilities are included. Located less than one block from L train, Bedford Ave and B61 bus. Please email some info about yourself along with how long you are looking to sublet for. (Optional semi-furnished)" For the record, we wrote the dude for more info and haven't heard back, but we'll definitely update if the landlord writes back, It is a short trip to the toilet if you need to hurl after a long night at Supreme Trading, and if it's projectile and your aim is good, you might not even have to get out of bed.
The Catch: Holy. Mother. Of. God. There's no kitchen!
· $550 BEDFORD AVE/L TRAIN (Williamsburg) [Curbed]