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CHUPI IN CRISIS: Richard Gere Joins the Chopping Block

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The Palazzo PriceChops continue. Though this time, it's not Chupi's forlorn triplex penthouse that is taking the hit. Nope, it's actually one of two units (not including Julian Schnabel's) that found a buyer. Richard Gere, to be exact. He's been trying to flip his full-floor spread in the Chupster since the spring, at an asking price of $17.995 million. He bought the 4BR, 4BA piece of pink for $12 million a year ago. Now, as of yesterday, Gere's asking price is down to $15 million. He still stands to make some scratch if a buyer steps up to the plate and adopts this poor neglected puppy. Count Nick Denton out, at least until another big chop happens.
· Listing: 360 West 11th Street [Sotheby's]
· Richard Gere Flipping Palazzo Chupi Full-Floor [Curbed]

Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014