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CurbedWire: Mice, Roaches, Columbia Students, Etc. at the Greystone Hotel

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[Photo courtesy of Property Shark]

UWS?Seems like there is some unhappiness about a residence on the Upper West Side involving, well, you know, vermin. Per a tipster: "Just moved into the Greystone hotel (212 West 91st Street) and I wanna get out. The building is way overpriced (2375/studio) but its also infested with roaches and mice. I found roaches immediately after moving in and a mouse showed up sometime that same day. I spoke with a few other neighbors who also live in the new renovated units and they all confirmed the same thing. One guy has just moved in and all he had was a suitcase and he still had roaches everywhere."

In case the mice and roaches aren't enough (after all this is NYC), here's the rest of the lowdown, including the shit ass renovation: "Anyway this building is way overpriced to have roaches and mice. The building's population is like 90% Columbia students. But not all Columbia students are spoiled rich kids. I have to work hard to make my money and I don't care to be ripped off. Anyway this is just another Snowjob renovation: a new coat of Sheetrock won't cover the fact that the guts of this building are infested with roaches and mice. Way overpriced and definitely not worth it." Picky. Picky. Picky. Or caveat emptor. Your choice. [CurbedWire Inbox]