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The Whip Comes Down: Bianca Jagger Gets Tossed from Apt.

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Sad news, friends. Bianca Jagger has been tossed from her rent-stabilized 18th-floor apartment on the Upper East Side. The whip came down when a deeply divided Court of Appeals issued a unanimous decision saying that Mick's ex-, who lives in the US on a tourist visa, could not claim her Park Avenue digs as a primary residence, which violates New York's requirements for rent regulations. Her lawyer had argued that "Primary residence is a term of art...She wants her apartment back." Wild horses, however, couldn't drag the judges away from a decision that says, in part, "We conclude that, at least absent some unusual circumstance, a primary residence in New York and a B-2 visa are logically incompatible." In layman's terms, we think that means the judges were calling bullshit on Bianca's "term of art" primary residence. No word from Mick. Nothing from Keith, except rumors of a possible new bluesy riff. But, it's possible that daughter Jade might toss her a PriceChop on a new pod. Hey, it's just a kiss away, kiss away. Kiss away.
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