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CurbedWire: Intrepid's Paint Job, Will Coney Plan Suck Less?

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MIDTOWN?Will our tourist friends be disappointed when they go to see the renovated Intrepid? Well, some that pay close attention to the paint job might be. The tipster that sent us this photo seemed a bit peeved about the "uneven" paint job applied when the ship was being overhauled in Bayonne. Always blame Jersey, we say. [CurbedWire]

CONEY ISLAND?We can't wait to see the reaction to this. The Municipal Art Society, which says the city is blowing the Coney Island redevelopment big time by not having an "interim plan" should it rezone and then end up with a Thor Equities demolition derby, is having an "Imagine Coney" design session on Monday. A group of "world-class architects, amusement designers and economists" will come up with "new ideas for the design and programming of Coney Island." All the major players (although it's not clear if this includes Thor Equities) will be involved in the session at Borough Hall on Monday. There will be more meetings in November and final ideas will be presented on November 17. [CurbedWire Inbox]