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Brooklyn's 'Top 50': Bruce Ratner Rules, Joe Sitt Only #7

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So, who are the 50 most influential people in Brooklyn? Well, Brownstoner's just finished putting an incredibly detailed list out there and we will say this: Number One is Bruce Ratner. Number Two are the Walentases. Number Three is Brooklyn Planning Director Purnima Kapur. Number Four is Tupper Thomas of the Prospect Park Alliance. Number Five is Robert Tierney, the head of the Landmarks Commission. Number Six are Marianna Koval and Regina Myer, who are involved with the Brooklyn Bridge Park project. Number Seven is our main man, developer Joe Sitt, who we were really hoping would get #1. And we could go on, but there are 50 entries on the list and our fingers are getting tired.
· The Brooklyn Top 50 [Brownstoner]