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Morning Massacre: Definite Blood Loss in Clinton Hill

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Then: $1,275,000
Now: $1,145,000
You Save!: $175,000

Okay, this one is no Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's more like a knife wound in an extremity that hasn't severed any arteries and won't leave Clinton Hill covered in gore. Still, this beauty on Clinton Avenue has just gotten a very recent visit (like, 19 hours ago) from our friend the PriceChopper. The chop on this $1.145M home at 473 Clinton Avenue is a mere $130,000, but she's only been on the market for 30 days and this is not a good omen in terms of potential further swings of the axe. Per the marketing copy: "Located on the most elegant tree-lined boulevard in the landmarked Clinton Hill historic district, this grand two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath duplex is part of a brand new boutique brownstone condominium conversion consisting of just three units." Will the Chopster come back for more? Only time will tell.
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