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Why the G Train Rules: (It's Not Because of the Service)

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One of the most amazing G train stories we've come across recently (and they do cross our paths from time to time) is the one about a recent ride that involved not just the discovery of, uh, (used) prophylactics but the message scrawled on the seat that went along with it. The tale comes from a blog called Bitchcakes Commutes, and we'll let the blogger explain:

As I got closer to the seat, I noticed something was on it. Now, often times there is litter of some sort strewn about the seats, but this was nothing I had ever seen before. This, dear blog readers, is what was waiting for me: 2 condoms out of the package and a condom wrapper...But then it got even better when I noticed some faint writing, in what appeared to be pencil. I went in for a closer look and made out these words “I lost my virginity right here” (with an arrow pointing down to the seat). And was even dated “10/23/08? - which was the current date.(You can expand the image with lost virginity message by clicking on it.) Oh, little G Train, we do love you so.
· Getting Lucky on the G Train [Bitchcakes Commutes]