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On the Racked: Humongo Boss, Olsen Twins Take Union Square, Burg Moves Make Our Heads Spin

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And now the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) MePa: The humongo Hugo Boss on West 14th Street, which "built its weird endoskeleton in secrecy," is open and Racked says its stunning. The concept was "inspired by the special flair of the Meatpacking District" and, probably, the proximity to the Apple Store next door. Full gallery here.

2) Union Square: You can read about the book signing appearance of the Olsen Twins at the B&N as a live blogging experience here or you can read more about it here. Check 'em both out in honor of the twins.

3) Williamsburg: There's so much stuff opening and moving around it's hard to keep track. Brooklynski has moved into the Mikey's Hook Up space on Graham, Franny and Roey on Grand has super cool vintage stuff and Digital Fix has moved into the Mini Mall.

4) Midtown: These are the happiest goblets on earth and Bergdorf's got 'em.