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Pier 40 Shocker: Vegas on the Hudson May Live Again

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Oh, for fuck's sake. The Villager is reporting that the Hudson River Park Trust ruled that the $430 million CampGroup/Urban Dove/Pier 40 Partnership proposal for the massive West Houston Street pier?which would preserve it as athletic fields and community space and vintage car parking (right)?"would not work financially." This was the plan that was the community's response to The Related Companies' failed bid on Pier 40, nicknamed Vegas on the Hudson, which called for a Cirque du Soleil theater and lots of glitzy nightlife options. According to the Trust, the newplan just wouldn't create enough revenue for the park. So now, a process that began roughly five minutes after the Big Bang is seemingly back to square one. Make that square fun, because the Trust will lobby to have the Hudson River Park Act changed so that it can award a 49-year lease instead of the currently permitted 30, one of the terms that Related balked at before pulling out of the bidding. Does this mean Vegas on the Hudson might be revived? The potential is there. Alert Batali!
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