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Smaller in Greenpoint & Smaller in Forest Hills?

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This post is about rezoning, a word that is enough to send about half the people in New York City into a coma. Yet, these are important ones that would limit development in Greenpoint and in Queens, both neighborhoods where people are afraid of getting screwed by more and bigger buidings:

1) A huge downzoning of parts of Greenpoint and Williamsburg is also advancing. This would cover 175 blocks, including the majority of Greenpoint, bounded on the east by the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, on the west by McCarren Park, and part of Williamsburg too. For those with limited patience, a lot of buildings would be limted to 4-7 stories depending on the exact location and new Finger Buildings would be hard to do. [Greenpoint Star]

2) The proposed rezone of Forest Hills, which would limit the size of new development in commercial corridors has gotten past the local community board, which is a formality, but important, nonetheless. Buildings in some areas would be limited to 3-6 stories. [Queens Chronicle]