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Week in Review: Day the Real Estate Boom Died, New WTC Timeline, Up on the Edge, Chupster Losing Its Pink, More

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And, now, as you settle into your Saturday routine, check out some of the top items on Curbed this past week.

1) Everywhere: It was the week the real estate boom was officially declared dead and, of course, the Day of the Dead with market reports thrown in for good measure.

2) WTC: Yes, friends, we have a new, detailed time line for the WTC site. For now.

3) Williamsburg: The world is looking pretty nice from up on the 17th floor of the Edge, fast rising on the shore of the East River.

4) Chelsea: The bitter battle has ended with Chelsea Enclave, the luxury condo building on the grounds of the neighborhood's historic Seminary, kicking off sales and marketing.

5) West Village: CHUPI REMAINS IN CRISIS. The pictures of the de-pinkification prove the point. Hang in there Chupster and don't break our hearts.

6) Dumbo: In case anyone wasn't sure, our old friend Dumbo is the most expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn.
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