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Flipper Not The Hottest Attraction at UWS's Disney World

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For decades, musician and social activist Harry Belafonte lived in a sprawling apartment at 300 West End Avenue, which he and some others bought and turned co-op back in the '60s after the previous owner rejected black tenants. Looking to downsize, Belafonte sold the full-floor spread (actually two semi-combined apartments) in 2006 to Abigail Disney, Watl's niece, for $10.75 million following a few price cuts. Now, the Times' Josh Barbanel reports that Disney is dissatisfied with the amount of work it will take to fully integrate the apartments. No problem, she'll just flip the property and pocket a couple million for her trouble, right? Perhaps in the high-flyin' days of old! Now, after being listed in March for $13.45 million, the 6BR, 6BA apartment is down to an asking price of $10.95 million, a bag of chips more than Disney herself paid. The two can also be sold separately, batteries not included.

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