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Dawn of the Age of the Stroller Park Slope

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We have to say that nobody saw this coming, although everyone should have. There wasn't a whisper about it on that source of all things stroller-related in the Slope, Park Slope Parents. Not a single blog post, either. But Park Slope now has valet stroller parking at the local YMCA. And, we're talking not just one or two Maclarens, but dozens of them at any one time. Yesterday, CityRoom reported on the historic development in "notoriously spawnocentric" Park Slope, noting that upon observation there were 39 strollers valet parked outside the Y. There is no report, yet, of a stroller tire repair station. The dude who is parking the things works in the Y's maintenance department and doesn't even take tips, which given the real estate values upon which some of the Stroller Moms are perched, might be a selfless, but silly thing to do. Get while the getting is still good, Mr. Valet.
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