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It Happened One Weekend: The Great Wall of PriceChopping, Battery Park City Loses Stamp Privileges, More!

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1) A nasty legal dispute over a brick wall has supposedly been the main reason why the riverfront townhouse at 21 Beekman Place (right) hasn't sold for $25 million. The sellers turned down an $18 million lowball offer from Luxembourg (yep, the country), but now the house has been pricechopped down to that very same amount. [Big Deal/'Brick Wall Barrier']

2) Those who poke fun at Battery Park City now have additional material. The isolated 'hood, already without a post office, has lost its mobile postal services van, meaning the area's aging inhabitants can no longer buy stamps. That's a lot of grandkids' birthday checks that won't get sent. [The City/Braving the Traffic to Buy Some Stamps']

3) Due to fair-housing laws, asking if a building is "family-friendly" is technically illegal. So how can a buyer determine if the building will happily accept kids? Head to the basement storage and look for strollers: “If it’s a Peg Perego Roma, then they had babies in the late ’90s. A Bugaboo means they currently have children. The color of the Bugaboo tells you what period — the brighter and louder, the more current it is. A lime green or hot orange or jazzy pink means they currently have a stroller-age kid." ['Apartment Hunting With Children in Mind']

4) The Hunt just feels like Bad Idea Jeans this week, despite the happy face slapped on it. A Long Island woman gets divorced, sets her sights on moving to the city from a 7,000sqft mansion, uproots her three kids (15, 13, 8) and takes on a $6,495/month rental on the Upper West Side that she might not be able to afford. Oh, and it's a 2BR, so she's sleeping on the couch. We know the suburbs are lame, but sometimes you gotta stick to your guns, ya dig? [The Hunt/'Starting All Over Again']