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Development Du Jour: Conrad

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Location: 342 East 110th Street, between First/Second Avenues
Size: 8 stories, 35 one- and two-bedroom condos
Prices: $399,000 to $560,000
Architect: Karl Fischer
Developer: David Marks Development Group
Sales & Marketing: Valerie Dominguez

The promise of the Second Avenue subway and East River Plaza has lured developers to this long neglected part of town, but Conrad stands out from the pack in this East Harlem mini-boom. Finally, Manhattan-style amenity overdrive has crept north! The well-underway building (occupancy expect 01/09) will boast a double-height lobby, pool table/lounge area, all-white rooftop sundeck, "Club Conrad" gym and a common garden with a basketball court, hot tub and BBQ area. The units are tight squeezes, at 610 to 830 square feet, but they are priced under $700/sqft and they sport the much coveted 421a tax abatement. Many units also have private balconies and terraces. Not surprisingly, the bells & whistles and low prices have attracted attention. The building kicked off sales with a party over the weekend, and eight units received on-the-spot offers. Photos of the model unit, which apparently wowed at least eight people, appear in the gallery above.


342 East 110th Street, New York, NY