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Tech Rehearsal for TKTS in Times Square

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Now that the official opening date for Father Duffy's Stairway to Nowhere has been re-set for October 16, those in charge are busy working out all the technical kinks. One recent evening a fellow was found pondering the ruby red illumination of the 27 solid glass treads rising above Times Square. On either side of him, newly-installed flag poles shot up into the sky. Within the TKTS plexi-pod TDF ticket-takers were revving up the cash registers. This new ticket booth has double the number of windows, so the lines of cash-strapped theater goers should move with a bit more speed than in the past. Which will leave more time for fun-seekers to climb to the top of the Stairway to Nowhere for frolicking and photo-ops. We can hardly wait for this show to begin.
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