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Reader Rant: 1065 Park Avenue's Orange Cone of Exclusivity

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The Upper East Side has always been rather snooty when it comes to street parking. Perhaps the most famous case is when Jerry Speyer?he of real estate overlords Tishman Speyer?got the city to agree to move a fire hydrant to the sidewalk in front of his mansion so that there would always be room for his chauffeur to drop him off. Now, outside the post-war high-rise at 1065 Park Avenue (at 87th Street), a Curbed reader has had it with the 'hood's parking shenanigans:

This evening I called 311 to complain about an orange traffic cone that 1065 Park Avenue keeps in front of their building to keep the spot clear for the residents to get out of cabs. This is illegal. They also have a sign on clear display asking for drivers to keep the spot clear for their residents. This may also be illegal. It infuriates me that people think living on Park Ave. entitles them to something. In the past they have actually walked up to my car window and told me that I could not park in the spot as I was preparing to pull in. I ask all readers to call 311 on a regular basis and report these violations. If you see a resident getting out of a cab, feel free to ask them to mention at their next board meeting that the cone is violating the law. It is even visible in Google Street view.Would you look at is! And while we can't get close enough to make out the sign, we can feel its upturned nose from here.
· 1065 Park Avenue [The Upper East Side Book]