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Coney Plan Marching Forward

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The city's Coney Island rezoning plan--the one that have provided more than two years of mirth and joy and chuckles--is moving forward. It looks like it will be "certified" to go into the formal land use review process sometime next week. This is the plan that reduced the "amusement area" from 16 to 9 acres in order to return land to developer Joe Sitt and others. As for another open Coney wound called Astroland, the owner says it's "over in Coney Island short of a miracle." [Kinetic Carnival]

UPDATE: A Dept. of City Planning spokesperson writes to note that the plan will not be "certified" until 2009 and that, in fact, what is taking place next week is "an interagency mapping conference to review the technical aspects of the application" that may lead to changes in the plan, all of which will have a public airing when the actual review process starts.