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CurbedWire: Big Purple PriceChopper, Daniel Libeskind's Biggest Fan

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GARMENT DISTRICT?The PriceChoppers are coming fast and furious nowadays, and luckily there are those of you out there who are keeping an eye out for some good ones. Writes a tipster about this 3BR co-op on West 36th Street, "$3.5mm on 6-08, $3.0mm on 9-08, $2.5mm today!" Less than a grand a foot now, if purple is your thing; then again purple is the color of royalty." A million dollars down? Ouch. [CurbedWire Inbox]

DANIEL LIBESKIND?Someone with a serious axe to grind against the bespectacled starchitect writes, "It's been a bad few weeks for Daniel Libeskind. It seems the reputation and cred of this self-proclaimed, 'World-Renowned Architect' is falling faster than the steeply plummeting value of his 401K. First, a proposed condo in Edwards, Colorado was dropped by the developer. Then, the city of Toronto (presumably having stomached enough of Libeskind's crystalline hokum at the Royal Ontario Museum) canned his proposed Arts Center, a predictably cliched mess of jarring angles and pointy bits, proposed for the city's new Sony Complex. But worse, the Guardian newspaper published a study on the environmental aspects of recent civic buildings constructed in the UK, and it seems Libeskind's Imperial War Museum was singled out for rebuke. We hope nobody leaks this to Prince Rainier of Monaco, who is considering Libeskind for an environmentally-sensitive project in the delicate eco-system just off Monaco's tiny coastline." [CurbedWire Inbox]