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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: The Bottom of the Manhattan Barrel

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Location: 513 East 5th Street
Asking: $299,000

We knew that focusing on the bottom of the market in light of all the financial turmoil would attract some additional attention to this week's PriceSpotter, and we were right. Everyone and their cash-strapped mama had a crack at this, uh, charming East Village studio, and probably due to location, many went the above-$300k route. An anonymous commenter did guess "299," but the judges cannot accept that answer because given some of the other guesses and comments, we're not so sure the person didn't actually mean $299. The surprise twist in this story? The apartment is listed by Bob & Bonnie, who have apparently returned to Corcoran after a brief stint at Elliman. Unless these are impostor Bobs & Bonnies, because seriously, where the flowers at? Unless this apartment is so meh, they didn't even bother?
· Listing: 513 East 5th Street [Corcoran]