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Take It From Bushwick: Actually, Gentrificiation Rocks

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We've seen many a rant about gentrification on both the pro and con sides. But this one, which comes from Bushwick via the always understated BushwickBK blog, may end up winning some kind of prize. Does gentrification kill neighborhood flavor? Do hipsters improve quality of life? Oh, do read:

What exactly is flavor, though? When we talk about diversity, are we talking about how many different ways you can get rice and beans plopped on a paper plate? Are we talking about the dizzying variety of cockroach-infested bodegas from which we may purchase our forties? Certainly we can’t be talking about ethnicity, can we? And, let's continue:

After all, Bushwick’s newcomers are both natives and descendants of more European and Asian and Latin American countries than you could count on your hands and toes three times over, while it’s extant communities are mostly from, what, two Caribbean countries and the Southern US, whose cultures have been New Yorkized and blended? It seems to me that upon examination, “flavor” always turns out to be some combination of poverty, rudeness, theft, murder, vandalization, dilapidation, and awful food. I can’t think of anything more bland than the relentless desperation of being stuck in a gray shithole your whole life, looking at the same crummy buildings and filthy streets and aimless people and eating the same shit food until your death of heart disease which the New York Times will blame on “our broken health care system.”

So go ahead, make fun of hipsters and whatnot. They may dress funny, but at least they’re not wearing the same five basketball jerseys every motherfucking week. They may like bizarre music, but at least it’s not their grandparents‘ music or the same recycled crap about some bitch’s bootie. They may not understand what it’s like to be poor, but at least they don’t glorify it.

Please, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
· 'Flavor': The Most Outrageous Euphemism [BushwickBK]