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War of the Renderings: Toll Bros. & Carroll Gardens Fight It Out

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If anyone thinks that the big Toll Brothers development on the Gowanus Canal (two acres with 447 units of housing) is going to happen without a fight and not draw in reinforcements from neighboring Carroll Gardens, think again. The battle has been joined. And, the Carroll Gardeners are accusing the Toll Brothers of dramatically understating the scale of their buildings in the renderings they've released and included in the Environmental Impact Statement for the project. (We've never heard of this happening before. Ever.) The Toll Brothers are looking for a special rezoning for their land on the Gowanus ahead of the bigger neighborhood upzoning. (There's a whole video version of the full opposition presentation here.) The scale of their project is in keeping with the general outlines proposed for the overall rezone, so it's safe to predict very entertaining pyrotechnic displays for months to come. Yeah, zoning is boring, but it's the name calling that make it fun.

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