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Week in Review: O'Toole Will Bite Dust, Inside 56 Leonard, Toy Building Addition Different, More

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And, now, before settling into your Saturday morning routine, check out some of our favorite items on Curbed this week:

1) West Village: Bye-bye O'Toole Building. The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the hardship application sumbited by Rudin and St. Vincent's to tear down the building as part of its big expansion plan.

2) Tribeca: Do step inside the sales office at Herzog & de Meuron's 56 Leonard. It's quite something.

3) Flatiron: The "toy blocks" will not be coming to the Toy Center. Reps from Tessler Development confirmed an eight-story addition to 1107 Broadway, but this is what it will look like.

4) Tribeca: Uh, it looks like 5 Franklin Place has been "downshifted." Exactlty what this means for Dutch architect Ben van Berkel's big, black and bendy New York City debut isn't entirely clear.

5) Tribeca: The Suburban Bliss at N. Moore is now ready for your viewing pleasure.

6) Nolita: Want to sit on a dramatic and exciting bench? This is it.