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Adventures in Burg Marketing: 'Test Drive' Northside Piers

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So, the rent-to-own-strategy adopted by the Toll Brothers to unload the remaining units at its first Northside Piers Tower can be found in the window of the Elliman office on Bedford Avenue (spelled "Ellman" in this case, unless one of the fun-loving Southside kids stole the "I") with a series of "Test Drive" before you buy fliers in the window. If one walked another two blocks north yesterday, one ran into friendly people handing out these fliers about the "trouble on Kent Avenue." (The strategic tactical shift here isn't that they're using non-union labor on Tower Two, but that the Toll Bros. are in the financial shit and are going to build crappy condos with pipes that explode while you're taking a dump.) On the sad news front, the Northside Piers Rat was apparently not on the job today. Also, we hear they don't work Sundays because, being union rats, the rat operators get double overtime. That is not a joke.
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Northside Piers

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