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Brookyn Bridge Tolls? Just Bike the Darned Things

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With all the talk of imposing tolls on the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and 59th Street Bridges, which has been the political equivalent of toxic waste in New York City for generations, there is a bit of news that is interesting. The number of people riding bikes across the bridges is skyrocketing. Jotham Sederstrom reports in today's Daily News that "the number of Brooklyn bicyclists has soared since last year, with thousands of new riders pedaling over borough bridges back and forth to Manhattan," per a city survey. Bike traffic on the Manhattan Bridge accounted for the biggest increase citywide, with an average 2,232 bicyclists crossing the span daily, a 70% increase. Bikers on the Williamsburg bridge quadrupled since 2000 and there was a 10% increase last year on the Brooklyn. Overall, the city estimates that bicycling has gone up 35 percent in the last year. Advocates say it's due to more bike lanes and other safety improvements. Rumors that the Mayor saw the report and suggested imposing tolls on bikes are completely unfounded. For now.
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