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Harlem Scoots Right Along on Road to Gentrification

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As a symbol of neighborhood gentrification, we were never quite sold on the SmartCar, though many blogs have debated their significance (Harlem Fur and BoogieDowner had entertaining takes) and readers sent in sightings from such far-flung neighborhoods as Howard Beach and, uh, Tribeca. Shouldn't the G-word look more dainty and European, like a Vespa? NYC The Blog seems to think so. The Harlemites spotted a pair of scooters parked on the street within during the same quick jaunt outdoors. They write: "With Harlem declared over in July upon sighting of a Smart Car, two Vespa sightings in one day must surely mark a new chapter in Harlem's gentrification."
· Smart Car Watch In Harlem. Is The Vespa Scooter The New Symbol Of The New Harlem? [NYC the Blog]