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Development Du Jour: 40 Walker

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Location: 40 Walker Street, between Broadway and Church Street
Size: 3 full-floor lofts, 1 duplex penthouse
Prices: $2.795 to $6.995 million
Architect: FLAnk
Developer: 40 Walker Street LLC
Sales & Marketing: Brown Harris Stevens

We're used to FLAnk buildings that look like this, mixed with a bit of this and sprinkled with bite-size pieces of this. In short, some far-out stuff. Boutique conversions of 159-year-old textile factories don't spring to mind when we think of the mad geniuses at FLAnk, and yet, that's precisely what they're doing down in Tribeca. Ready for occupancy by the end of the year, 40 Walker boasts three 2BR, 2BA full-floor lofts on its second through fourth floors (1,897sqft each), and a 3,470-square-foot duplex penthouse with two terraces and a private roof deck. FLAnk is restoring the cast-iron and brick facade of the building while contemporizing the crap out of its interiors. Only four units, so not many building-wide bells and whistles beyond the CyberDoorman and basement storage space. This one's all about the bones?the delicious, meaty, historic (and ultimately expensive) bones.

40 Walker

40 Walker Street, New York, NY