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Paging Animal Control on East 82nd Street

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[Martin Eisenberg's lair courtesy G. Paul Burnett/The New York Times]

"Marty the Animal Collector." Such is the alias of one Martin Eisenberg, an ardent plush toy lover whose Yorkville apartment is outfitted with an army of animals rescued from the city's mean streets over the years. Now a 62 year-old shut-in on East 82nd Street, Eisenberg is known for sending his visitors home with a "found" pet of their very own. Says Marty of days gone by: “I’d see these animals in the window — the ice cream shops have them. It was a tremendous adrenaline rush — everything I found, everything I bought, it was a natural high." And so it was.
· A Shut-In Surrounded by Bits of the Outside World [NYT]