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Hipsters May Not Freeze Asses Off in Burg Park This Winter

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Word of the likely closing of the Burg's East River State Park for the winter started circulating late last week. Word that the gates would be lock from January to March in order to save money first popped up in the Greenpoint Courier a few days ago. This led to a post on the neighborhood blog, Neighborhood Watch, which gave a sense of the neighborhood organizing campaign to come, saying "We're confident there is some way to keep the park open in an affordable and safe way." They included addresses for people to write and protest. Today's Post picks up the story from all that local coverage and quotes someone from New York City Parks Advocates saying "Closing a park is unheard of in modern times." The seven-acre park is popular but has also drawn heavy criticism for its many rules and that fact that it closes at dusk. All we can say is that one has never truly felt cold until one has stood in East River State Park next to the water on a 20 degree day with a 40 MPH wind blowing across river. Frostbite anyone?
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