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Hugh Jackman & Justin Timberlake: PriceChopper Champions

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Hugh Jackman was the reported buyer of Sun Mircrosystems co-founder Bill Joy's 11,000-square-foot triplex at 176 Perry Street, a staggering piece of minimalist beauty (if that's your type of thing), for "somewhere above $25 million." And what a deal that would have been! You see, Joy spent around $17.5 million on the apartment?the entire eighth through tenth floors of the Richard Meier-designed Far West Village building?and then hired Meier himself to build-out the interior (above) for probably a couple million more. Joy never moved in and listed the spread for a crazy $40 million, then chopped it down to $33 million where it wasted away for another six months (monthly maintenance: $27,841) until Wolverine pounced. Indeed, "somewhere above $25 million" would have been a relative bargain, but there's a surprise twist ending.

Braden Keil reports that Jackman just closed on the 12-room apartment for $21 million, a $19 million discount off the initial asking price. And how much will he sell it for during the next market upswing, now that it has the celebrity pedigree that so many people with loads of cash love? We don't want to know. Hugh Jackman wins. As does Justin Timberlake, who Keil reports is snagging another recent big PriceChopper, the huge 3BR condo in the new Pearline Soap Factory on Washington Street in Tribeca. Timberlake may have got the place for $5.25M or less, whereas it was asking $6.75M just last month. Meanwhile, Chris Kirkpatrick was last seen fishing buffalo wings out of the dumpster behind Southern Hospitality.
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176 Perry Street

176 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014

Pearline Soap Factory

414 Washington Street, New York, NY