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Will Richard Rogers Make the Port Authority Less Ugly?

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Reuters is carrying a story with a list of "The World's Top 10 Ugliest Buildings and Monuments," compiled by the editors of "Some of these picks have all the charm of a bag of nails while others are just jaw-dropping in their complexity," said VT's general manager. "Love them or hate them, the list is certainly entertaining." Indeed. We turn your attention to #5, one of two U.S. entries (Boston's City Hall is #1): the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Wow, the fifth ugliest building in the whole entire world? The argument: "Those who pass by this iron monstrosity might be tempted to ask about a completion date, but alas, this is the finished product." NONFACT. The Port Authority has long planned for a skyscraper to sit on top of the bus terminal, a plan that is allegedly finally happening. The only question: Will Richard Rogers's design make the Port Authority any more tolerable?
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