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Flipper Madness Continues at 15 Central Park West

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Those wondering if market uncertainty would put an end?or a brief pause, perhaps?to the slew of ultra-ambitious resales at the Limestone Jesus now have an answer: Um, no. This week, a five-bedroom corner unit in the 20-story "House" building popped up with Corcoran a few short weeks after the buyer closed. The 3,822-square-foot condo sold for $9,350,000. It is now listed at $16,500,000. Certainly not one of the more crazy flips we've seen at 15 CPW, so maybe sellers are reining it in a bit. On another note, we dig this place because it offers a different look from the usual 15 CPW megalistings. Trees, namely, and not from hundreds of feet above. The apartment is on the second floor, so there you go. Floorplan porn after the jump, a schematic so sprawling it could be the model for a lab rat maze.

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023