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One Jackson Square is in the Dog House

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One Jackson Square, the undulating glass luxury condo building on a very oddly-shaped lot at 122 Greenwich Avenue in the Village, is a very inspiring building. Those waves! That model! But inspiration sometimes manifests itself in odd ways, and this is certainly a bit odd. Architect William Pedersen, of One Jax designer Kohn Pedersen Fox, has designed a "luxury dog house" as a tribute to the building. Note the curves and "green roof." The one-off design is being auctioned off to support the Animal Medical Center of New York, joining a birdcage designed by Sandi Pei?son of I.M. Pei?and a cat house by Asia Society designer Bartholomew Voorsanger. All three items are now on eBay, and bidding starts at $3,000. The auctions end before the AMC's Top Dog Gala on Tuesday. If only the dog house came with the same amenities as the condo building. It would certainly bring new meaning to "curbside service."
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One Jackson Square

122 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10006