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Last Resorts: Brokers Turn to Bottle to Woo Buyers

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In this economic climate, a 24-year-old stock trader would have to be drunk on expensive bourbon to plunk down $3 million on a Tribeca condo. And that's precisely the strategy! Friends, a bit of seminal reading in today's Times courtesy of real estate writer Christine Haughney, who tags along on a Tribeca condo crawl with half a dozen twenty-something bankers and traders while they're plied with firewater at every stop. Sure, wooing clients with cocktails and courtesy is nothing new in the supercharged New York real estate market, but there's just something so very "end of an era" about the whole affair?though discussing the finer points of eight-seat hot tubs and bar placement while guzzling Lagavulin does sound like a fun Wednesday night. Tipsiness aside, are these young lions ready to claim their Pride Rock? Perhaps. Says one, "Anytime in the next six months would be a good time to find deals. I think there are a lot of panic sellers."
· For Apartment Shoppers, Some Liquid Courage [NYT]