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Hipsters May Freeze Asses Off in Burg Park After All

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It looks like East River State Park in Williamsburg, one of the coldest places in all of New York on windy winter days, may remain open this winter after all. Just last week the state threatened to lock the gates from January-April in order to save money. This, of course, did not go over well in the community. So, just into the inbox is a press release titled "Hope for the State Park!!" As it turns out, Assem. Joe Lentol, appealed to the the State Parks Dept and seems to be on the verge of cutting a deal that would let the park stay open. Officers from the 94th Precinct would be in charge of opening the park in the morning, locking at night and "doing several checks of the park throughout the day and night to the wellbeing of the park and its users." Also, signs would be posted telling people not to go into the East River. Duh. Volunteers would keep the park clean. State Parks Commissioner Carol Ashe, says that closing the park is "anathema" to her and that she is "currently researching and considering" the right of every hipster in North Brooklyn to enjoy wind chill factors reaching double digits below zero and experiencing the special irony of viewing the Manhattan skyline while hoping not to get frostbite.
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