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Mad Man Joins Hudson Square's Garbage Garage Fight

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The Ear Inn's displeasure with the Sanitation Department's proposed three-district garbage truck garage and salt shed at the west end of Spring Street was probably enough to turn most Hudson Square residents against the controversial plan. And then when activists proposed a smaller, mostly-underground garage topped with a slice of verdant paradise, momentum continued to build. But the opposition still lacked a recognizable and familiar face to really bang home the message that garbage trucks = death of West Soho. At a big Pier 40 rally earlier this year, community groups trotted out Mario Batali to help them bring home a victory. Who would the Hudson Square community turn to for their own big rally?

The answer, dear readers, is Mad Men's John Slattery. A tipster sends in the above photos from yesterday's rally, with the white-haired Emmy nominee leading the charge. We're currently in the early stages of watching Season 1 of Mad Men on DVD, and based on what we've seen so far, there couldn't be a more ethically-sound and moral human being to lead this cause than Roger Sterling. He stays that way, right?
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